"again, thank you so much for jumping on board last minute, doing the work and getting it to a level that our clients love"
i was brought onto the team to work on a marketing campaign and ultimately to produce a series of content for lenovo australia and new zealand, to leverage the power of omni-channel video content-driven marketing to connect with consumers on a one-to-one basis, using hero stories to build emotional connections that drive engagement and advocacy.
each project in this category showcases and celebrates lenovo's newfound partnership with various creators, demonstrating the power of technology in enabling creativity and the ability to push boundaries.

lenovo x ngarino te waati
—  feb 2023
blending ancient knowledge and modern technology for healing. "well-being is important in order for us to nourish and flourish in this world of abundance. to expand the intention of your given purpose, it needs to be relatable to the demographic - in this day and age, everyone is on technology" as stated by the founder of maori movement ngarino te waati, in lenovo's highly progressive, impactful content-driven social media campaign delivering a strong branding message with an impactful hero story from the maori community.

lenovo x katartillustrations
—  oct 2022
katrina young is an australian artist and illustrator. her artwork spans many mediums and themes, but at it's heart, kat's work aims to tell a story. with kat now joining the team at lenovo, the motivation to create media to introduce kat was brought to the table.
this was my second project with lenovo, with animation & video editing as my focus - i wanted to create something that went beyond my previous project. i contributed animations that exaggerated the narrative of the media, such as scenes where kat is animated to become her artwork featuring a fox - exaggerating the narrative of foxes being kat's art spirit animal.

lenovo x kirsten banks
—  apr 2022
kirsten banks is an indigenous australian astrophysicist and science communicator who breaks barriers and forges new paths in the world of stem. with a newfound collaboration between tech giants lenovo and kirsten, lenovo wanted to showcase and introduce her to their audience. i was brought onto the team to work on and produce a series of media to showcase and introduce kirsten.
animation and video editing took a large role in this project, where i was tasked with adding colorful & engaging animations that contributed to the story and outline of the content. sequences of animation that contributed or exaggerated the narrative was added, along with short & fun animations that contributed to linking scenes together - transforming the media to something more fun and cohesive!