the esports team at vodafone warriors dedicated lots of attention to fostering social media growth. a distinct design system was conceptualized to set the team apart in a competitive landscape. sticking to the existing identity of the vodafone warriors rugby team and aligning with the primary naming sponsors, vodafone, a comprehensive sub-brand and design system was developed,.
this design system aimed to contemporize the social media design ethos observed in rugby teams, incorporating elements that are both distinctive and harmonious. notable features include a recognizable brand/color palette, the strategic application of gradients, angled edges, accent lines, and text elements. 
the ultimate goal was to create a visually compelling identity that not only resonates with the target audience but also establishes a recognizable yet innovative presence within the realm of social media design systems.
a sample of the existing design system for vodafone warriors,
used for reference for this project
source: @NZWarriors
re-imagined for esports
movement into korean esports